Top Places to Sell Your Stuff Online for Quick Cash – The Budget Diet

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If you have plethora of stuff like me which you don’t bother to use much located around your room, house, office and if the stuff is abundant in technology items then it’s getting outdated with time passage too hence better to unload those stuff and convert those items into quick cash. There are numerous ways to disburden from your stuff but here let’s get started with some top places where you easily sell your stuff online for quick cash.

  1. EBay

The first place to make money is by putting your item on eBay to auction it off. Get a start with website, if you’re new to eBay then need to sign up for new account otherwise go ahead and sign in via account. The other important thing you need is to sign up for PayPal account through which all money transactions occur on eBay. As you are into selling process so eBay charges you with some fees too.

  1. Amazon

It is a world’s biggest marketplace with great selling platform. From toys to electronics to gaming, you can sell any merchandise with amazon. First you need a seller account (merchant account) to make. Individual account is preferred as you don’t have to pay for it and then jump for professional account once you have all the stock.

  1. Craigslist

The basic website not much fancy where you simply pick your region, go to the classifieds then go to the list whatever item you’re selling then put a picture of it with description and wait for the quick call as items are quickly sale out on craigslist.

  1. LetGo

A community based app provides easy and good selling experience. Buyer and seller are required to meet while finalizing their deal. However consider some safety tips while meeting the buyer and accept cash only to avoid uncertain situation.

  1. OfferUp

It is also a super handy app where you can upload something to sell and easy to have dealings with the buyers.

  1. Poshmark

It is pretty much a social selling site so you need to share your items on the website to get higher rank as a seller. While describing your selling item, you need to share the brand name too to catch more eyes. In addition honestly give details anything wrong about your item like missing buttons and share proper measurements too. However poshmark has a clause for buyers to cancel any deal within 3 hours of purchase.